Reasons for Visiting the Frozen Continent of Antarctica

People often plan their vacations for exotic and unique locations where few people have gone before. However, there is no destination that can be compared to visiting the frozen continent, Antarctica, for a holiday.

Antarctica is the most barren and frozen continent of our planet, and yet, people travel to this land of ice for a fulfilled vacation.

Wondering why people visit the frozen continent? Considering it as a location for your next journey? Here are some of the major reasons why visiting the frozen continent, is a good idea:

Away from Daily Routine
Visiting the frozen continent takes you away from the world. There are no offices, no technological devices and no pollution or crowds. It’s just you and your loved ones in a land of glacier with days of fun planned ahead.

Seeing the Wildlife
As barren as the continent may seem, there are a number of animals and sea creatures that make this continent their home. They get their food from the frozen cold waters themselves and live within this icy wasteland with ease. The two most commonly seen creatures in the Antarctic Ocean and its surrounding land mass are penguins, seals, and whales. A number of birds also nest within this frozen continent.

Far from the Crowds
As mentioned above, visiting the frozen continent provides you with a chance to get away from crowed cities. Tourist destinations are usually full of hordes of people all viewing the sights and sounds together. In Antarctica, however, you are free to roam on your own without being bothered by the crowds.

Land of Glaciers
You’ve seen a single glacier or maybe two? That is nothing compared to a land full of them! They make and break over time and you can see them all up close in the cold waters of the Antarctic.

Cruising around Icebergs
Icebergs float around in the water and you can choose to go on a boating cruise as you zigzag around the icebergs and see the wonderfully white and pristine surface of the surrounding land.

Crossing the Drake Passage
Antarctica can be reached via the Drake Passage, a rough stretch of water that is present between Argentina and Antarctica. If you are interested in visiting the frozen continent, you will have to cross this troublesome patch of water to go across in a ship and when you return, you can brag to your friends about crossing one of the roughest stretches of water on the planet.

Historical Museums
Want to know more about the developments, expeditions, and excavations that have taken place in Antarctica. There are quite a few museums located here that can offer a lesson in history that is worth the trip. You can also buy souvenirs as a reminder of our trip and mail a postcard to your friends and family from the post box located at the southernmost part of the world.

The water in the Antarctic Ocean is freezing cold but at Deception Point, you will be provided with an opportunity to take the plunge. You will only be visiting the frozen continent once, so make the most of it.

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